[Golf Sheet / Week 10 Results]

WEEK 9 (or is it 10 because of skip?) UPDATE: July 16, 2020 By: Snapper (Posted: July 19)

Weekly Cudos:

Low Actual: Tommy Harrison “37”
Low Net:
Tommy Harrison “28”
Greenies 1: Larry Cooper
Greenies 2: Tommy Boyd
Team Skin: nope nothing reported here except a carry over
5-Hole: Steve Markunas broke a 3 way tie parring the next hole

AOTD????:    Who else?  It is Tommy Harrison night….aka Downtown Tommy wins for casual conversation unbecoming a mens golf league member…. During an apparent brief lull in the discourse of the league round comprised of Coop/Tommy &  TK/Hollywood…. Tommy offered a new topic for conversation says playing opponent Timmy K:  “Hey so what do you think about the Dancing with the Stars controversy this week?”  says Tommy.. .Responding only shaking his head and waiting for the time for AOTD nominations… Timmy starts recollecting the incident and Tommy interrupts:..”But it was big news!”  yours truly asked for a show of hands as to how many other league members watched Dancing with the Stars and the predictable number “0”  hands went up….. so Tommy says:” no no I don’t watch it either it was in fact on the Masked Singer”…..another show of hands was requested and received for those league members admitting to watching the Masked Singer on  non league nights…As the count again came back “0” Tommy just said “Gimme the Damn Ball then”  as the group refrain ASSHOLE  ASSHOLE ASSHOLE resounded on the patio… 

JAMIES SCRATCH SKINS:   Jamie, Romo and Tommy Harrison each scored one and Coop took 2 at $16/apiece…

EAGLES??? Nope not yet…..But with his AOTD today Tommy is within a team skins and an Eagle of completing the sudoku quest sheet.


***Timmy K making certain he had heard Tommy Harrison correctly…..

UPDATE!!! I wanted to save Tommy’s good name and reputation (or at the very least, his man card) so I google up “Masked Singer controversy”. Sadly, it was worse than I thought…


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