What is better as a pair?

[Golf Sheet / Week 13 (August 6) Results]

WEEK 13 UPDATE: August 6th, 2020 By: Snapper (Posted: August 12)

Weekly Cudos:

Low Actual: Scott Ford “37”
Low Net: Tom Boyd “34”
Greenies 1: Larry Cooper
Greenies 2: Tom Boyd
Team Skin: Carry over
5-Hole: Herb Green
AOTD: Kevin Stutzman

LOW ACTUAL:   Scott Ford   “37”  WTF? On the back?  YOU DA MAN!!!!!

LOW NET: Tom Boyd  “34”

5-HOLE:   Herb Green  (God Bless you Herbie…nice to see)

TEAM SKIN:  carry over….hole 17 drawn and cut twice


AOTD????:   KEVIN STUTZMAN was our winner this week after his playing partner sub Bruce Leach stormed off the course with his bag over his shoulder before the round was completed taking a max out 11 on the par 5 finishing hole…..When asked what he did to make his normally mild mannered (extremely high and intoxicated) partner so angry as to refuse to remain in the cart with him for 9 holes, Kevin only shrugged………OK no defense ?  no mercy….ASSHOLE! (however note Kevin was heard to exclaim with a smile after the vote:  “Now all I need is an Eagle to complete the Suduko Quest sheet challenge……and so it shall be…

JAMIES SCRATCH SKINS:   COOP….Scott Ford…..Herb and Tony Burton   all scored unmatched birdies for cash….

Other Birds:   OGI (welcome to the birdie club with his 1st of the year)…..Shang (again….why don’t you ever get in the game and skin these f ers?????…and Tom Boyd

Also this week:  To most everyone’s surprise “Sleepy Joe” Biden selected a black woman as his running mate (unless of course she too votes for Trump and then “She aint Black!!)

WHAT IS BETTER AS A PAIR? (Besides Labatts Blue!! A pair of hockey beers!!)

Congratulations to Kaygan and Katie, a pair of Beer Babes, extraordinaire!


..and lastly, a picturesque shot of the “Heart Hole”.

Legend has it that the brick chimney with the heart stone at the top and rising from the ruins was once the early homestead of the very first beer babes who located to Lake Walden in the early 1800s. They originated from somewhere in the east and were followed by many thirsty cowboys as they traveled by stagecoach chock full of beer. (to be continued…)

(SPOILER ALERT: Timmy’s drive ended up in the woods on the right)


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