History of the Beer Babes (continued)

[Golf Sheet / Week 14 (August 13) Results]

WEEK 14 UPDATE: August 13th, 2020 By: Snapper (Posted: 8/18)


Weekly Cudos:

Low Actual: Chris Johns “36”
Low Net: Chris Johns, Dave Lawless “30”
Greenies 1: Chris Johns
Greenies 2: The Rick Bailey
Team Skin: Johnny Martin/Tony Burton
5-Hole: Kenny Hochstein
AOTD: none

5-HOLE:   Ken Hochstein  (way to go Kenny…we had about 8 or 9 man tie for 2nd we didn’t have to break)

TEAM SKIN:  Johnny Martin and Tony Burton…..a 3 weeker worth $150 minus the drinks you bought after  thanks!!!!


AOTD:   nope…..thankfully the meeting quorum was long gone (as was I) when it was discovered around 11:30pm on the deck that I forgot the manbag when I left….

JAMIES SCRATCH SKINS:   Chris Johns…DJ and Tommy   all scored unmatched birdies for cash….

Other Birds:   Snapper (welcome to the birdie club with his 1st of the year)….Chris Johns (had 3 birds total)….Wolf….JWolf…Tom Boyd…Dave Lawless..Romo and The Rick……..Wow that’s some birds…..No EAGLES still….

SIDE NOTE:  I couldn’t bring myself to give this man AOTD for fear his wife or significant other  reads our blog page…but somebody sitting on the deck long after golf enjoying one adult beverage after another (some at the expense of Johnny Martin and Tony Burtons hospitality after winning the big skin….was well appeared to be flirting with an off duty beer babe TARA ….making eye contact in Bill Clinton style….sniffin her hair when she wasn’t looking (Sleepy Joe Biden style) finally got his due….after learning her much younger than he age he asked a few too many times if he Had a chance? Because of her “Daddy Issues” …and wasn’t she giving him some shit….she replied:  “Im pretty sure Im the one having to listen to your shit allnight!!! “Or words to that effect….congrats on the slap down Snapper League member we know who you are…

DOUBLE SIDE NOTE AFTER THOUGHT INTENTIONAL OVERSIGHT: Yours truly Snap Daddy has been rightfully accused of failing to mention an accomplishment….On a night when Cooper & DJ & Fuery & Wolf turned in scorecards with sub 40 scores on them then Chris Johns has a card with even par 36 on it…yours truly eyes begin to glass over with dreams of what that shit must feel like…& there on the very same scorecard was an enigmatic truly worthy of mention “38” posted by Dave Lawless completely overlooked..(5 beautiful pars & a bird)…by me that is…and my normally above average proofreader…not by his partner Bill Cape who when reached for unsolicited  comment said: “Yea I got a comment…this is total BS…all them other guys shooting 30 something are good golfers and Chris Johns…Hell everybody knows how good he is…but not to mention Lawless?.. BS I say again…he shot 38 and everybody knows  he sucks…you shoulda wrote him up the 1st time!”….THANKS BILL…got it… (smaller font size used for emphasis  on purpose as another slight)

DaBlade’s Corner.

Congratulations to Ryleigh, The Majestic Beer Babe of the Week. She proudly proclaimed this was her second win of the year.

Ryleigh the Beer Babe & Johnny Golf!

Last week was not the fastest round every played in league history. Can you answer the question above? (correct guesses or funny wrong answers both accepted)

The continuing saga of Leisure Suit Larry The Lounge Lizard and his sidekick jester, Timmy K.

After posting the epilogue of my new book, History of the Beer Babes last week, the pre-orders have been piling in. So, as promised, here is an additional sneak peek…


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