[Golf Sheet / Week 15 (August 20) Results]

WEEK 15 UPDATE: August 20th, 2020 By: DaBlade (Posted: 8/23)

Weekly Cudos:

Low Actual: Jamie Leece “35”
Low Net: Jamie Leece “31”
Greenies 1: Tommy Harrison
Greenies 2: Chris Johns
Team Skin: Carryover
5-Hole: Johnny Martin
AOTD: none

Jamie’s low actual sub-par score of 35 ties low round for the year with Coop, who just so happened to be on his way to beating this before his steely-eyed concentration (and game) suffered from a mood-altering nearby miss drive from behind on the 9th fairway that originated the former’s group. Hmmm.

BIRDIE CLUB:  Jamie Leece, Chris Johns 2xs, Steve Markunas, Dave Furey and Steve ‘Shang’ Peltier all added to their birdie totals. Nicely done.

ODDS & ENDS: OK, so the tee times reflected on last week’s sheet was a little more irrelevant than normal, as several Snappers jumped the order with the excuse that they had to drive 2 hours north after the round in order to arrive in time for a golf tournament scheduled to start a mere 48 hours later (or something). The assumption being that the rest of us didn’t have things to do this weekend.

MATHEMATICALLY ELIMINATED:  With 2 weeks remaining – with golf on August 27th and then the position round on September 3rd to cap the season – Team Jerry C and Rick B’s dream of hoisting the championship trophy has been postponed for another year, as we are sitting on 149 points. That is, even if every other team were a no-show for the next two weeks and thereby scoring “0”, and consequently Carlson/Bailey scoring 44 points to end at 193 for the year, we would still fall one short. Very sad, as all of you know how much that would mean to us…

Finally, why is our Logo character (above) wearing his facemask?…



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