I guess we will see…


[Golf Sheet / Week 16 (August 27) Results] <–CLICK LINK


WHAT: Snappers 2020 year-end scramble
WHEN: Sunday, September 13 @ 1:30PM start (check in by 1pm)
WHERE: DAVISON CC is located at 9512 E Lippincott, Davison, MI 48423. Near M-
15 and I-69..use your GPS!!!!

WEEK 16 UPDATE: August 27th, 2020 By: Snapper (Posted: 9/2)

Weekly Cudos:

Low Actual: Mike Romanowski/Tom Harrison “40”
Low Net: Tony Tomaszewski “33”
Greenies 1: Chris Johns
Greenies 2: Steve Peltier
Team Skin: Carryover
5-Hole: Ron Harmon

TEAM SKIN:  carry over par 4 hole 11 was drawn and cut….this week we will break the pot as usual by drawing new hole(s) as many times as necessary (everybody is in every time except 9th draw when we would tie break as if the 5 hole)

AOTD:   nope…..

JAMIES SCRATCH SKINS:   TOMMY HARRISON I believe as he did have the 1 and only birdie for the night…….

It is final night and of course a position round….The leaders are team Cooper/Harrison…..rumor has it that half of that team will miss the night again on a non covid related reason…..hmmmmm????

Calculations are in and if correct it appears that only 3 teams remaining have a chance to win enough points to be called league champs:  Tom Harrison and whoever his substitute is this week… Team Carrier/Ford , their opponents and Team Kachelski/Markunas …..Harrison can lock them out by scoring 14 points and Carrier/Ford can lock them out only by scoring a hefty 17….any split by the top 2 opens the door for TK/Hollywood who have potential spoilers Stutz/Johns…The rest of us????? Cannon Fodder but grudgingly so…..


SEE YA ON THE PATIO UPON COMPLETION OR IF NOT THEN 9/13/2020n @ Davison CC for the year end or if not then SNAPPERS NORTH 2020 or if not then next year I hope!!!!

…at the corner of Hollywood and Kaygan

and now the much anticipated conclusion to Jerry and The Rick’s blockbuster coloring book on the history of the Beer Babe – The Final Chapter (or is it the first?)

Prehistoric Beer babes… one with Prehistoric Snapper

Inappropriate way to treat the beer babes.

Cave Snapper with early Callaway driver.


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